Ideas For Throwing The Ultimate Prince-Themed Party

Written by on 20.06.2016 | events

I threw a Prince-themed “Diamonds and Pearls” party. I couldn’t find a website that had lots of good ideas for this all in one place, so I thought I’d write down what I did so that others may benefit! Games / Entertainment Prince Trivia An easy way to kick things off while people are still […]

The Blindsider Leading The Blindsider

Written by on 12.05.2015 | customerservice

Background: I ordered some stuff from a website.  I have ordered from this website many times before, and shipping has always been included on the original invoice with the cost of the products ordered.  A month after delivery, I received a bill from the freight shipping company telling me that I owed them $100 for shipping […]


Written by on 25.04.2012 | customerservice

To Whom It May Concern, Although all outward appearances would seem to indicate that this is in fact concerning no one, I shall nonetheless proceed. I am very happy that you have a back-up system for allowing your valued customers to enroll in the Hertz Gold loyalty program.  You’ll e-mail me a PDF?  Okay, if […]

To Fold Or Not To Fold

Written by on 05.01.2012 | customerservice

Background: I ordered a gymnastics mat. It arrived. It was like the most enormous mattress you’ve ever seen. I had thought because there was a picture of a folding mat next to the product that I purchased, that it was a folding mat. I did not have space for a non-folding mat. I attempted to […]