It occurs to me that I should explain what 19clicks refers to, and why I’m using it.

The reference is a curiosity—19 is the average number of clicks between two web pages on the Internet, as measured in 1999. As Martin can attest, I was initially hesitant to commit myself to a reference that it seems should be sensitive to a number as rapidly evolving as the size of the Internet. However, it seems that the mathematics work out such that 19 clicks will grow to 20 clicks extremely slowly (link distribution is long tail).

As for the why—I’m quite obviously influenced by 37signals (and their 43things). Really, I just want to copy everything that 37signals does, particularly working with David Heinemeier Hansson, who has more or less the juiciest brain around.

DHH worship aside, the most pressing consideration was the need to replace my existing domain name. Although I remain quite fond of illeist as a word, it has become unfortunately clear to me that the most beautiful of words make for the most impractical of domain names (nychthemeron, indehiscent, and tmesis rank high on my list).

Having to spell your domain name every time you are trying to give someone your e-mail address becomes quite tiresome after about episode two. Choosing a name with the additional complication of three consecutive letters that are difficult to tell apart (ill/Ill), as well as “ei” when everyone really wishes it was “ie” takes that misery and rubs it in. Hard.

And besides, Edward is the only person in two years to appreciate the awesomeness of illeist. (Thanks Edward!)

So here I am with 19clicks. It’s been treating me pretty well thus far. I think those 37signals guys might be onto something.