Given that times are as tough as they are, I cannot *imagine* what would possess a company to drive a customer to the height of annoyance the way Cablevision just has me. If I were Cablevision, I would be desperately trying to hold onto customers, not forcing them to a brink at which they’re seriously considering options five times as expensive just to get away from the god-awful service I sort of provide sometimes.

Frankly, I have never, *NEVER* experienced more extensive, ongoing incompetence than that displayed by the folks answering the phone at Cablevision. It’s probably not the fault of the poor schmuck whose unfortunate job it is to actually answer the phone. But seriously, when I call to have a service disconnected, I expect that service to be disconnected. When I have to call twice because I keep getting bills that says it isn’t disconnected, I am somewhat discomfited. When I have to call THREE TIMES and you DENY ALL KNOWLEDGE OF MY EVER HAVING CALLED BEFORE, that makes me LIVID. I honestly think I just popped a few blood vessels. And I’m not usually a very angry person.

Just part of the conversation:

Me: I’ve called to have this service canceled three times now, and I’d like you to refund the money I’ve paid you over the past 6 months that was related to this service.
Cablevision: We have no record of your previous calls, sorry. It says here the last time you called was in March.
Me: You know, the first person I talked to mentioned that your system shows I called in September.
Cablevision: Oh, wait, maybe I see something here. Please hold.

Sadly, this was EXACTLY the conversation I had the LAST time I called these people. “Oh sorry, we have no record that you called previously.” I’ve never seriously considered recording my calls before, but next time you can be sure I’m going to.

I never thought I’d say this, but: dear Verizon, I miss you so much. Please bring me FIOS as soon as you possibly can. I just can’t wait to give my money to you instead.