Samantha Orme does a lot of different things for a living, some of them web-based. She is occasionally available on a freelance basis for consultation on your web or other technology projects. However she now owns her own business and hence has quite a lot less time than she used to.

The more observant amongst you will note that this blog is updated very infrequently, and mostly serves as a place for Sam to write down the solutions to various little problems she’s stumbled across in all kinds of different fields.

Also, when Sam is sufficiently irate, she writes letters. E-mails, if we’re getting technical about it. She attempts whenever possible to CC the entire executive board of whatever company she’s writing to. The results are often highly satisfactory. Except for every time she writes to Cablevision. But even Cablevision will eventually rue the day (alright: many, many days) they crossed her. She may lose a couple skirmishes, but she will win the war, Cablevision, you mark my words.